Kanban bei Spotify

Mattias Jansson, Operations Engineer beim Musikdienst Spotify, stellt auf InfoQ sehr anschaulich den Einsatz von Kanban im Operations-Team vor:

  • We have three vertical lanes: todo, doing and done.
    In addition to the above, we have two horizontal lanes for the two main types of service: standard type and intangible stories. (Most of our proactive work falls under this latter category.) By creating a separate lane for this, we can ensure that this work is actually done.
  • We use only three sizes (aka T-shirt sizes): Small, medium and large. Small jobs are tasks which will probably take a day to do. Medium jobs are jobs which by gut-feeling will take half a week. Large jobs are jobs which will probably take something in the order of a week to complete. We skipped ‘real’ estimation since it is mostly just a waste of resources.

InfoQ: Use of Kanban in the Operations Team at Spotify

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