Ok, Google: Was macht erfolgreiches Product Management im digitalen Zeitalter aus?

Im Zeitalter von Internet, Mobile und Cloud Computing liegt die bestimmende Kraft im Markt nicht mehr bei den Unternehmen, sondern bei den Konsumenten. In diesem dynamischen und disruptiven Umfeld werden diejenigen Unternehmen führend sein, die es schaffen überlegene Produkte zu entwickeln und die besten Talente für sich zu gewinnen.

Mit ihrem Buch How Google works geben Eric Schmidt, langjähriger CEO, und Jonathan Rosenberg, ehemals Senior Vice President of Products, einen Einblick in das Erfolgsgeheimnis und die Unternehmensstrategie von Google. Ein absolutes Muss für jeden Product Manager!

The people that can have the biggest impact of all are the ones we call Smart Creatives. These are the product folks who combine technical knowledge, business expertise and creativity. When you put today’s technology tools in their hands and give them lots of freedom they can do amazing things, amazingly fast.

It’s best to work in small teams, keep them crowded, and foster serendipitous connections. Organize the company around the people whose impact is the greatest.

Create superior products based on unique technical insights. Optimize for growth, not revenue. Know the competition, but don’t follow it.

Optimizely Roadshow München Sketchnotes

Die Optimizely Roadshow machte Halt in München: Vertreter von AutoScout24, Chip.de, Quisma und Optimizely gaben Tipps zur Durchführung von A/B- und Multivariate Tests und stellten Insights zum Aufbauen einer Kultur des Testens sowie zur Durchführung von Personalisierungskampagnen vor. Meine Sketchnotes der Präsentationen sind auf Slideshare and on flickr verfügbar.

Stefan Hoch – Always be Testing

Kamila Stanitzek – Testing bei Chip.de

Solvig van Severen – Kultur des Testens bei AutoScout24

Julian Stein – Quisma und Marc O’Polo Erfolgsstory

Tobias Urff – Personalisieren mit Optimizely

Sneak Preview: IxDA Munich March 2014 – Design & Product Management

If interaction designers and product owners come together to resolve the most important UX questions of the moment it’s very likely that a new IxDA Munich meeting is taking place. I am hornoured to be part of the selected panel at the “Great UX debate: Design & Product Management” to answer the questions of the IxDA community.

Some of the topics will be:

  • How to include design into product management
  • Relationship between product owners and designers
  • What’s the perfect MVP, from the designer and PO points of view
  • Long term vision vs every day UX

Join the IxDA community on Monday, March 10th, 2014, at 19:00 at Google Germany GmbH, Dienerstrasse 12, 80331 Munich and register here!

The Panel

Alexis Brion, UX Designer at Carpooling: Local Leader at IxDA Munich: UX and interaction designer with experience at different internet companies in Munich. Alex will moderate the debate and select the best questions for the panel.

Anneke Rietzel, UX Designer at Google: Anneke has more than a decade experience designing and ideating interfaces, teach at Quantm College, worked for agencies and currently works at Google in Munich.

Sven Read, Lead Designer at BörseGo: Sven is the head of the design team at BörseGo, he has over a decade experience working at UX, visual and web design positions. He is the creator of the Words App.

Tom Jones, Product Manager at InterNations: Tom has over a decade experience working in developing environments, worked for amiando and XING in the past and currently works at InterNations in Munich. Tom is an evangelist of the agile movement.

Michael Ludwig, Senior Product Owner at AutoScout24: Michael is a lean product manager with a strong background knowledge in the automotive industry. Prior to joining AutoScout24, he worked for Axel Springer’s auto portal autobild.de, Carmondo and Porsche. Parallel to his work at AutoScout24 he is a passionate blogger and sketchnoter.

About IxDA

IxDA Munich is the local chapter of the Interaction Design Association, a member-supported organization without cost of membership. The aim of the local chapter is to promote the field, coordinate meetings and serve the local design community.

Lean Startup Meetup Munich #14: Revisiting the lean fundamentals

Lean Startup Munich is the place to meet and share experiences about startup lessons learned and the “Lean Startup” methodology. Eric Ries has listed three “pillars” for “The Lean Startup”, which are customer development, agile and lean. Meetup #14 was all about the lean approach – from the origins of lean manufacturing to the methods of tech startups. My sketchnotes of the presentations are available on Slideshare and flickr. Thank you guys for a very inspiring event!

Ben O’Hear – Revisiting feature prioritization

Removing features is one way to improve a bloated product, but wouldn’t it be even better not to add them in the first place? Ben told us about a framework developed by Slava Akhmechet to help you keep distractions at bay: The three bucket model – gamechangers, showstoppers and distractions.

Javier Garcia Sobrin – The lean fundamentals

The lean fundamentals are a cross industry approach. Javier told us how to avoid the hype and how we should embrace common sense and simplicity. The fine balance between people, innovation and structure is key.