Lean Startup Meetup Munich #14: Revisiting the lean fundamentals

Lean Startup Munich is the place to meet and share experiences about startup lessons learned and the “Lean Startup” methodology. Eric Ries has listed three “pillars” for “The Lean Startup”, which are customer development, agile and lean. Meetup #14 was all about the lean approach – from the origins of lean manufacturing to the methods of tech startups. My sketchnotes of the presentations are available on Slideshare and flickr. Thank you guys for a very inspiring event!

Ben O’Hear – Revisiting feature prioritization

Removing features is one way to improve a bloated product, but wouldn’t it be even better not to add them in the first place? Ben told us about a framework developed by Slava Akhmechet to help you keep distractions at bay: The three bucket model – gamechangers, showstoppers and distractions.

Javier Garcia Sobrin – The lean fundamentals

The lean fundamentals are a cross industry approach. Javier told us how to avoid the hype and how we should embrace common sense and simplicity. The fine balance between people, innovation and structure is key.